Church Campus

The Norfield Church Campus consists of the Church Building at the center, the Office/Parish Hall at the rear and the Christian Education Building on the left/rear of the property. The Memorial Garden is reached through the walkway to the right of the Church.

The Office entrance is on the left hand side of Office/Parish Hall building and the Parish Hall is on the Right hand side.

The Christian Education Building houses our Sunday School Program (Discovery Hour) and during the weekday this building houses the Norfield Childrens Center (Hilltop Day Care and Norfield Nursery School) and hosts many community activities throughout the week.

Other meeting rooms referenced on our Weekly Calendar include:

The Greene Room - part of the church building - at the rear of the Sanctuary. Named in honor of Robert Greene - retired Senior Minister

Youth Room - accessible through the lower level entrance to the Office/Parish Hall building - down the outside stairway to the left of this building - or through an inside stairway accessible through the Office.

Nursery - The Nursery is to the right of the Sancturay, when you are facing Norfield Road. Child care is provided for infants during the Sunday church service.

Conference Room - in the Office side of the Office/Parish Hall building - left rear of the Office complex

Minister's offices - accessible through the Office

Banks Room - a one room school house now part of our Office/Parish Hall building. Enter through the double doors under the bell or through the Church Office. Named in honor of Willis Banks, long time church member and former school teacher in this one room school house.

Christian Education Building rooms - referred to as CE #1, #2 etc. Accessible through the top floor entrance to the Christian Education Building - the rooms are numbered.

Check our Weekly Calendar for times and locations on our campus for these various meetings and gatherings.