Question 1: How do I become a member of Norfield Church?Answer: Norfield Congregational Church welcomes all people to explore the possibility of membership in our church. According to our constitution, any person who is baptized and accepts our covenant will be admitted as a member. To aid visitors to our church, we hold a series of inquiry classes designed to:

  • Introduce prospective new members to our denomination and discuss the history of the United Church of Christ
  • Introduce prospective new members to our ministers, leaders of key church boards and committees
  • Help prospects consider how they may be integrated into our congregation
  • Answer any questions prospects have
  • Review the steps involved in the worship service when they will join the church 

The inquiry classes are publicized in the church bulletin and during the announcements before worship services. At a minimum, classes are held during the fall and spring. The classes usually follow worship service and a light lunch is served. If needed, babysitting is provided. To participate, please contact the Chair of the Board of Fellowship or speak to one of the ministers or members of the Board of Fellowship.

New members are invited to join the church during a Sunday worship service (specified by the Deacons) shortly following the inquiry class series. During the service, prospects affirm their baptism and confirm our church covenant.

Question 2: If I would like to have flowers placed at the altar on a certain Sunday to celebrate a special event or as a memorial to a loved one, whom do I contact?

Answer: The Altar Committee maintains a floral sign-up sheet to allow church members to designate a specific Sunday to sponsor altar flowers in honor or in memory of a loved one or to celebrate a special event. After the service, flowers are either collected by the sponsor or shared with church members who are shut-ins or hospitalized. Arrangements are also shared with area nursing homes and senior center luncheons. The floral sign-up sheet is located in the parish hall after Sunday services. Contact the church office (203)-227-7886 if you have any additional questions.

Question 3: What are the guidelines for having a child baptized at Norfield Church?

Answer: The administration of Baptism at Norfield Church is governed by the guidelines established by the Board of Deacons. The purpose of these guidelines is to enable all participants (children, parents, godparents and congregational members) to touch the depth and richness of the meaning in this Sacrament. Please be advised that there is a fee associated Baaptisms.

The Ministers of Norfield Church perform baptisms during scheduled public worship services throughout the year. Eight Sundays each year are designated as Baptism Sundays (generally two Sundays per calendar quarter). The dates are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. The Senior Minister at his or her discretion may schedule a baptism for a different date to accommodate unique family needs. During each Baptism Sunday a maximum of two concurrent baptisms may occur unless all participating families or individuals agree that an additional baptism may be performed. In any event, not more than three Baptisms will be performed on any given Sunday. Candidates (or their parents) should check with the Church office for available Baptismal dates.

Baptism is offered to any member or participant in Norfield Church in keeping with the following statement from the World Council of Churches:

  • Baptism is a gift of God's redeeming love to the Church and is received by those who believe in Jesus Christ. Administered in obedience to our Lord's command, it is a sign and seal of our discipleship.
  • Baptism is related not only to momentary experience by also to life-long growth of participation in Christ.
  • Through their one Baptism, Christians are brought into union with Christ and with each other and into the life of the Church Universal as well as the community of the local church. It is a basic bond of unity which impels us as one people to confess and serve one Lord in each place and in all the world.

The following preparatory steps must also be completed prior to Baptism:

  • A Minister and/or Deacon will call to confirm the baptism date requested and schedule a meeting with the candidate and/or parents to discuss the life-long commitment being undertaken.
  • The candidate and/or parents will be strongly encouraged to attend at least four worship services of the Church. Attendance at worship will prepare the candidate and/or parents for the taking of their Baptismal vows. Although membership in Norfield is not required as a condition of receiving the sacrament, baptism implies a substantial relationship with a specific, local body of Christians. Therefore, candidates should demonstrate a willingness to participate in the work, worship, and stewardship of NorfieldChurch on a regular, on-going basis.

Question 4: Whom do I contact if I would like to have a memorial service held for a loved one?

Answer: If you would like to request a memorial service, please contact our ministerial staff at 227-7886. Along with spiritual and emotional support, they will discuss preferences for worship: readings, hymns, eulogies, etc. They will also notify and coordinate arrangements with the Norfield musical staff, deacons, Church Sexton, and your shepherd. Please be advise that there is a fee associated with Memorial Services.

Question 5: If a fellow congregant, family member, or I should be in need some assistance due to poor health, personal loss, or spiritual need, how can we obtain help?

Answer: Norfield is a community of caring individuals committed to helping those in need. Please contact either the church office (203-227-7886) or your shepherd, and they will secure the necessary resources to assist you—whether you require a visit from one of our ministers, the delivery of a prepared meal, a ride to and from the hospital, a prayer from our prayer chain, or a telephone call from a friendly, assuring voice. We will be there for you—please call on us if you need help.

Norfield provides the following services to its members in need:

  • Pastoral Care
  • Prayer Requests
  • Shepherd Program
  • Senior Shepherd Program
  • Transportation
  • Miss Dorsey Meals
  • Odd Jobs and Simple Services

Question 6: What is the process for getting an article into the Sunday Bulletin?

Answer: The Bulletin is published once per week and is distributed at Sunday services. All entries to the weekly bulletin must be submitted to our office manager, by noon Tuesday preceding the Sunday bulletin distribution. Submission of entries via e-mail submission is strongly suggested. E-mail to info@norfield.org

Question 7: How do I request a brick for the Memorial Garden?

Answer: The Norfield Memorial Garden is located to the right as you face the sanctuary (at the large cross). All requests for inscribed bricks should go through the church office, (203) 227-7886. One of the church staff members will provide you with a special form that must be completed with inscription instructions—you will be also requested to pay a small fee. The church staff will contact Shirley Schneider, the Coordinator of the Memorial Garden, to make arrangements for placement and to order the brick. Brick orders usually take three to four days to be filled. Typically, brick placements are not made during the wintertime. If requested, the church staff will coordinate a dedication service for the brick placement.