Historic Buildings at Norfield


In 1963 the ChristianEducationBuilding and the Memorial Chapel were built, partly on land acquired from the town of Weston. In addition, a Ministers study was added to the end of the church office.In the late sixties, the Trustees determined that the old parsonage at the corner of Norfield Road and Old Hyde Rd. was beyond economical repair. So another parsonage was purchased on Lords Highway. Rev. Robert Greene and his family occupied this parsonage until the present parsonage, adjacent to the Church property, was purchased in 1975. The present parsonage was built by Horace Hurlbutt in 1913. It was extensively remodeled in 1934. The location next to the church was the deciding factor for the Trustees to suggest to the congregation that they buy it for the next parsonage.

Norfield Church
Norfield Chuch located in Weston, CT

An unused apartment which is attached to the garage next to the parsonage was extensively renovated by members of the congregation as living quarters and has been used for housing for several of Norfield's music directors.In 1984 part of the land acquired with the parsonage was transformed into a MemorialGarden. A circular path of bricks around a plant bed was built. These bricks can be removed and engraved stones can be placed in the brick walk by anyone to remember their loved ones. As of January 2002, 145 stones have been placed or reserved in the garden. There is room for over 1500 stone markers in the garden. Additional areas are available to expand the garden. In 1975 an addition was made to the rear of the sanctuary. A parlor, a downstairs room and stairs to the balcony were added. The windows on each side of the pulpit , upstairs and down, were replaced with doors to provide emergency exits and entry to the sanctuary. At the same time an addition was made to the kitchen end of the parish hall.In 1985, the Trustees determined that the steeple was in need of major repairs, because of decay to some of the supporting timbers. The only parts reused were the green louvered sections. The cross gert over the sanctuary which helps support the steeple, was pulled up and cabled to help straighten the steeple which had been leaning toward the back of the church. The cost of this work was about $150,000.In 1989 also, extensive repairs to the church exterior were begun. The shingles were replaced, a new sill and foundation were put in place and additional footings were added below the pillars supporting the balcony and the floor. This work was completed in 1990. The cost of this work was slightly over $300,000.In 1998, extensive renovation and expansion was begun on the Parish hall and office. They both were enlarged by almost double, which provided much needed office space for the Associate Minister, for the music director, the parish secretary, a conference room, copier work room and 1/3 more room in the parish hall and a new youth room on the lower level.