Historical Ministers

Historical Ministers at Norfield Congregational Church


Norfield Congregational church has been an anchor in Weston for 247 years. Since the early 1950’s the population of the town has been growing rapidly, and with this population increase, Norfield Church continues to respond to the changing needs of the community.

The 35 ministers who have served at Norfield are listed below:
1757-1782 Samuel Sherwood, Jr.
1786-1836 John Noyes
1841-1841 George Hall (four months)
1841-1844 Mark Meads
1844-1849 Lewis Pennell
1850-1873 Zalmon Burr
1873-1874 Joseph Nelson
1875-1879 Ernest Lubkert
1881-1881 E. D. Kelsey (seven months)
1882-1888 Andrew Park
1891-1893 M. P. Favor
1894-1896 Clarence Pease
1896-1898 G. M. Arthur
1900-1901 Benjamin F. Root
1902-1903 Thomas McCandles
1905-1906 John Shively
1906- Mr. Schlosser (term not recorded)
1907- 1912 Dighton Moses
1913- Albert McKern (term not recorded)
1914- Thomas Beaston
1914-1915 Frederick Shorter (four months)
1915-1920 Charles W. Burt
1920-1924 L.L. Harris
1925-1930 William D. Carroll
1930-1932 J. Harold Fairley
1933-1934 Gus J. Craven
1934-1937 William McRae
1937-1942 Clyde Hollbrook
1942�1946 E. Kermit Sundberg
1946-1951 Bradley Morse
1951-1956 Karl W. Ostberg
1957-1988 Rev. Dr. Robert W. Greene
1989-1996 James Gertmenian
1998-2000 Carl Becker
2004- Rev. Dr. Bernard Wilson
The minister who served the longest was John Noyes. The second longest was Robert Greene. Noyes served as full time minister for 33 years, and as an itinerant minister for 18 years. Robert Greene served for 31 years.