Norfield School & Firehouse

Old Norfield School and Firehouse


In 1757 the Norfield Society was founded to provide a local place of worship. The Parish was charged with building a church, and schools to teach the children the three R's.

Old Norfield Church School House

The Old Norfield Chuch School House

A school tax was collected and divided among three school districts. These were at Lyons Plains, at NorfieldCenter and on Kettle Creek (called the oblong). In the early years the schools were open for only a few months of the year. Even with this short school term many children only attended for a day or two at a time, and in bad weather sometimes not at all for weeks. Any expenses over what were collected in taxes were paid for by the parents. 

The school located at "NorfieldCenter
" was located behind the church. To the left of the school house was the town fire department.

The Parish Hall, built in 1955, with extensive additions in 1999 incorporates part of the old firehouse and the entire school house. The current "Banks Room" is the old school house and is used for informal meetings throughout the year.

Note the bell in the picture - which remains today at the entrance to the "Banks Room" - in honor of the Banks family, long time members of the church and teachers at the school. Willis Banks bequested his house at the corner of Norfield and Weston Road to NorfieldChurch - and it is currently used as a parsonage for our Associate Ministers.