Board of Deacons

  • Supervise the spiritual affairs of the Church including all matters of faith, worship and membership.
  • Establish policies governing the order of worship, the administration of the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion, the use of the sanctuary, and the conduct of any other religious ceremonies with the Church.
  • Secure an interim Senior Minister or interim Associate Minister in the event of prolonged absence or vacancy.

Altar—Prepares the sanctuary for worship on Sunday morning and any other special worship services. Places flowers arrangements on the altar, and prepares the elements for communion.

Worship—Oversees all worship services held at Norfield Church, sacraments (baptism and communion), memorial services, readings from the pulpit, and prayer during worship.

Ushers—Supports a network of people who greet those arriving for church, and also supports ushers who pass out bulletins, help seat parishioners, and collect the offering during Sunday.

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Senior Shepherds—Individuals who provide contact, friendship, and care to Norfield's senior members.

Shepherds—Network of individuals who periodically contact Norfield friends, members, and families.

UCC & Interfaith Relations—Acts as liaison to the United Church of Christ, Fairfield West, and to the greater Weston/Westport interfaith community.

Prayer Chain—A group of Norfield members who pray for all those in need--members of the congregation, members of the community, and peoples of the world. Prayer requests: Please call the Church Office at 227-7886.