Board of Fellowship

Norfield's Board of Fellowship seeks to

  • Encourage prospective new members to join the Church and assist in their preparation for membership and assimilation into the life of the Church
  • Develop programs to foster Christian fellowship among the members of NorfieldChurch

Ministry Teams Supported by the Board of Fellowship 

New Members—A group of 12 people who welcome all visitors, arrange inquiry classes for people to learn more about the church and the United Church of Christ and arrange for the Sunday service when new members join.

Fellowship—Create opportunities for people to come together, meet new friends and enjoy one another such as progressive dinners, hymn singing, potluck dinners, and Agape dinner. Volunteers help out with the preparation of these events.

Coffee Hour—Hosts prepare coffee and food every Sunday after worship services.

SIGMA—Small interpersonal groups comprised of 8-12 individuals where people talk openly and honestly about self, God and their spiritual journeys and apply biblical truths to everyday life.

Unstructured Groups—Identify, support, and create new unstructured groups that meet throughout the years for potluck dinners. Many engaged in outreach.

Publicity/Communications—Look for ways to share the "good news" inside and outside of NorfieldChurch.