Church Council

  • The Church Council meets monthly and serves as the governing body of the Church--its primary coordinating and communicating body.
  • The Council articulates the mission of the church, reviews the annual budget prior to its submission to the congregation, creates Ministry Teams and special committees, and conducts the performance review of the Senior Minister.
  • In acting in its "oversight" capacity, the Council honors the work conducted and the decisions made by the individual boards.
  • The Council is led by the Moderator.

Church Council Covenant

We promise:

  • To recognize God's presence, to search for God's will, and seek God's plan for Norfield Church.
  • To demonstrate our commitment to this church and to this Council by making attendance at its meetings a priority.
  • To be open in our sharing of issues that are addressed in our meetings with all members of our church except in situations where pastoral concerns or personnel matters require confidentiality.
  • To treat each other with mutual respect as we speak with openness and honesty.
  • To support consensus when it is reached, even though we may not personally agree.
  • To listen, to trust, and to love in the spirit of Jesus Christ.

Role of the Moderator

The Moderator presides over the meetings of the Church Council and reports to the congregation. The Moderator serves as a key communicator among boards, committees, and Ministry Teams and regularly shares information about the life of the church with the congregation. The Moderator meets frequently with the ministers with a focus on continually improving communications within the congregation.

Role of the Vice-Moderator

The Vice-Moderator presides over the meetings of the Church Council in the absence of the Moderator and reports to the congregation. The Vice-Moderator assists the Moderator in improving communications among boards, committees, Ministry Teams and church members. The Vice-Moderator serves as a member of the Human Resources Committee and is their representative to the Church Council.

To recognize God's presence, to search for God's will, and seek God's plan forĀ Norfield Church.

2013 Council Meeting Minutes:

Norfield_Council_Minutes_Jan 2013

Norfield_Council_Minutes_March 2013

Norfield_Council_Minutes_April 2013

Norfield_Council_Minutes_May 2013

Norfield_Council_Minutes_June 2013

Norfield_Council_Minutes_September 2013

Norfield_Council_Minutes October 2013

Norfield_Council_Minutes December2013