Norfield Treasurer

Here you will (hopefully!) find many of the items you may need to make your financial interaction with the church as simple as possible!

Pledge/Giving -- Each year our stewarship team reaches out to the Church community to ask for your financial support to continue Norfield's mission.  People fulfill their pledges in a number of ways:

Weekly contributions -- you may request weekly pledge envelopes from the treasurer and we will arrange to send them to you or you can pick them up.  You can also write a check each week and place it in the collection plate (with or without an envelope).  Please be sure to note the purpose of your gift on your check (annual pledge, capital campaign, Weston Warm-Up Fund, Flowers, special collections, etc).  This helps us keep proper track of your giving amounts.

By Mail -- You may send a check directly to the church office.  Please be sure to note the purpose of your give on the check.

By Contribution of Securities -- Norfield can accept a gift of securities which can be directly transfered to Norfield's brokerage account.  It is the policy of the Trustees that as soon as a security is received, it is sold.  You will receive a chartiable contibution for the net amount of the sale.  To learn more about contributing securities to Norfield, please contact Norfield's Treasurer.  (  Please be sure to notify the treasurer prior to transferring securites.

Expense Reimbursement -- You can request reimbursement from Norfield for church related expenses by filling out a check request or an expense reimbursement form.  Copies of both are available below.

Check Request -- Please print out and fully complete a check request, including the name of the requestor and the payee information.  When requesting a check for an independent contractor (vendor, musician, guest speaker, etc.), Norfield MUST have a IRS W-9 Form on file prior to payment being made. If you need a copy of the W-9 Form, please click here.  The check request must be approved by the chairperson of the appropriate committee prior to payment being made.

Expense Reimbursment form -- This form is to be used for multiple expenses incurred by a volunteer such as travel and/or entertainment costs, food or other items.  Again, the expense reimbursement form must be approved by the chairperson of your committee prior to payment being made.

Timing and Procedures for reimbursement -- Checks are generally issued once a week (usually on Thursdays) and any check requests received by Tuesday can be processed the same week.  Please leave the approved check requests, expense reimbursement forms or other bills in the Treasurer's "Bills to be Paid" mailbox at the church.

Forms -- Please click on the links below to download any forms you may need.  You will need Adobe Acrobat to view and print these forms.  If you need Adobe Acrobat, please click here.

Check Request

Expense Reimbursement


2011 Budget